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Frequently Asked Questions

EquiBillBook is an online cloud based accounting software. Few advantages are below :
  • Pay As You Go
  • Watertight security and no time-consuming back-ups
  • Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime and on any Device
  • Multi-Location Accounting with Real-Time Consolidation and Reporting
  • Ease of Communication between locations
  • Reduces paperwork and is more sustainable

EquiBillBook is all set to provide you with a content-rich platform, designed just the way you want it. Visit our website, and then create an account by uploading the necessary credentials. Once done, update your business name and logo and then you are all set to start and create your first invoice.

Creating your account at EquiBillBook will not take more than 2 minutes since it involves entering just a few basic details.

No, not at all. We provide 30 days of an extensive free trial of our base plan, where users can use it and if the user is satisfied with our service then only they can buy it.
However, if the user wants to see the full software demo they can click the demo link

Please relax, your data has been securely put into code by our experts and stowed carefully in our system. Information that you share online through EquiBillBook also has an extra fortification of HTTPs layer, giving it a shield against every sort of cyber threat.

There are plenty of ways through which you can share your invoice to your customers, like you can WhatsApp, email, or SMS it.

No problem, at EquiBillBook we are always set to assist you. Hence, if you are stuck, please communicate with our support team, they will guide you accordingly.

Please keep in mind, your password must be kept private to rule out any case of cybercrime, hence kindly adhere to this. Instances of cyber theft are not uncommon nowadays. Though at EquiBillBook, we do our best to create awareness amongst our clients, so that they can avoid such issues, but incontrovertibly, such things do happen. Although we rarely have such instances in our record, still if you contemplate your account has been hacked, kindly convey the matter to our support executive, so that requisite action can be taken on time.

If you have any queries, then you can get in touch with our Support Team via email. Our Support Team tries their best to reply within the same working day, else they will reply within 24 working hours. Support Team works between 10 AM to 8 PM IST.

EquiBillBook is built specifically for all business categories ranging from small to medium size. Its a initiative to bring people online at a very low cost. We dont believe in predefined subscription plans, rather we prefer giving the control to you so that you can create your own plan. Just select the modules which you need. Never pay extra when you have the option to pay for what and how much you need.
It’s simple, secure, quick and easy to use.

Once your free trial is expired, you need to buy our paid plan to enjoy continuing our service.
You can choose from 1 month to 5 years depending on your requirement.

Yes, EquiBillBook prefers giving the control to you so that you can create and customise your own plan. Just select the term length for the base plan and then select the modules/ addons which you need. Never pay extra when you have the option to pay for what and how much you need. It’s simple, secure, quick and easy to use.

We do not have plan system, rather we have modules/ addons. You can always go to addon menu from your dashboard and add the extra modules or features which you need. Pricing will depend accordingly.

EquiBillBook offers billing in both monthly and annually, ranging from 1 month upto 5 years.
All our pricings are very affordable compared to other billing software available in the market. Choose the one which suits you the best.

Yes, you are allowed to cancel your subscription at any time. However, no refund requests are entertained. Kindly refer to our Refund Policy for more details

EquiBillBook can be used in any country. You can customise the taxes as per your requirements. Also we have multiple languages support and multiple timezone.

You will get notifications in email/ whatsapp and reminder message in your dasboard from 1 month before your next renewal date. However, if still the renewal is not done then from the date of expiry all menus will be hidden and you won't be able to use the software until and unless the renewal is done.

We want our users to clarify all doubts before they start using our service. Kindly get in touch with our support team anytime through emails. Our team will get back to you and clear all your doubts.