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Features of EquiBillBook

Multiple Locations

Operate multiple locations in a single company and view location wise or consolidated reports.
Restrict users to visibility of a particular location data only or more.

Role Management

Create user roles like Admin, Manager, cashier etc and give menu permissions to either view,add,edit,delete or export and then assign users to a particular role.
Users can view and do operations only on those menus which is enabled to them in that particular user role.

User Access & Privileges

User based rights and access management for different modules, dashboards and locations.
The users can operate and view all transactions, accounts, cash flows only on those branches to which they have been assigned.

Customer Group

This includes the option to classify a customer as Retail Customer, WholeSale Customer,Regular Customer, Friends, Colleagues or anything and can increase or decrease the price as some percentage.

Item Variations

Item variations occur when an item that has different attributes, such as color and size, is grouped together with its variants on a single item page.

Item Combo

Combo product are also called bundle products
It is offering several products as one combined product.
For example a product "Computer Set" can have 1 PC Monitor + 1 PC CPU + 1 Pc Keyboard + 1 PC mouse.
So when someone buys Computer set he gets all the products in it.


This enables the feature to add warranty to a item.
You can display warranty in invoice.

Multiple Units

This provides the option to sell/ purchase the same item but in different units.
For eg. When the user purchases a Strip of Medicine which contains 10 Tablets and if the user wants to sell this Medicine then through Multi Unit Billing he/she can sell through both the options i.e. strip and Tablet.
Pricing & stock conversions are done automatically.

Installment Payments

This provides the option to entry part payments.
The remaining balance will be shown as due in respective reports.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Keyboard Shortcur Keys enables the feature to performs a task (such as submitting a form or navigating to a page) more quickly than by using a mouse.

Expense Management

This includes the option to track all expenses of an employee or as a general.

Selling Price Groups

This allow you to add different prices for an item.
Sell at different prices: wholesale/retail etc. Different prices for different Business Locations.

Domain Connect

This allows you to run this software from login till logout inside your own domain.
You can add multiple domains.

Activity Log

This allow you to get a detailed record of all the activities that were carried out in your organization during a particular period of time.
In short, it provides details on the system when, what, where and who performed an action.

Bar Code Printing & Scanning

Design and print barcodes for any item.
Embed additional information and attributes with the barcode and it will be retrieved automatically when scanned.

Stock Transfer

This includes the process of transfering stocks from one Business Location to another Business Location and keep a track of them and manage them easily.

Stock Adjustment

Adjust your stock when you feel the need to do so under various circumstances.
Stock Adjustment can be both positive or negative.

Purchase Bill

Track and record the payments of your purchase made by your business in EquiBillBook.
Authorize your purchase. Maintain Purchase bill for each and every purchase.

Profit/ Loss Statement

An income statement or profit and loss account is one of the financial statements of a company that shows the company's revenues and expenses during a particular period.
It indicates how the revenues are transformed into the net income or net profit.

Credit Limit & Returns

Set up credit limits for your customers & suppliers and have control over billing.
Track sales/purchase efficiently & do record credit note & restock the items returned without damage.

POS Billing

Make your billing fast & accurate with Point Of Sale Billing.
Generate bills/invoices, receipts, orders from any mobile/tablet & make your customer experience just fantastic avoiding traditional checkout counters.
Collect customer data at POS, track customer transaction history.
Issue bill in seconds & get paid instantly at times of peak sales.
With barcode scanning, make billing even more faster along with automatic inventory syncing.

Email/ SMS/ Whatsapp

Configure custom email/sms/whatsapp alerts for every transaction. Automatically send invoice details to your customers through email/sms/whatsapp.

Tax Reports & Filing

Generate monthly or quarterly Tax Returns easily.
Tax Returns for outward, inward supplies and both can be generated.
Print or Export CSV from EquiBillBook and file in the government portal or send to third party.
Easily file tax returns on time with auto-generated tax reports.

Invoicing/ Billing

Keep your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuously through the generation of customized quotes and invoices.
Generate quotes approximately within a few minutes and save your time.
Simply convert the quotes directly into invoice and send to clients after their approval.
Thermal receipts is supported.

Manage Your Inventory

Have a complete real-time tracking of inventory and analyse which stock is under which Business Location.
Track stock based on batches & serial numbers.
Ensure optimum stock for sales, avoid stock outs.
Know high selling stock, set reorder levels & reorder at the right time.
Transfer stock across warehouses in case of shortage & replenish the stock quickly.

Accounting Made Easy

Measure cost, revenue & profits, keep track of the financial transactions happening in each Business Location, streamline timelines & manage budget economically.

Collect Payments Faster

The billing software not just generates invoices in seconds but also allows sharing with them and collecting payments from them in no time.

Analyse business reports

EquiBillBook converts all your business data into information that can be used to make strategic business decisions.

Notification Templates & Reminders

With EquiBillBook, business owners can create quotations, estimates & Tax invoices and share them easily.
Send reminders for dues to customers

Local Timezones

EquiBillBook provides the feature to set the local time zone of your region.

Supports Batch No / Lot No & Item Expiry

Batch numbers or lot numbers denote similar products that were manufactured in the same production cycle.
These numbers simplify the process of tracking products, their ingredients, and their expiration dates.